Added April 4, 2023

Ultra-curvy Ukrainian teen Yuliana is back to get double stuffed. 25 mins of DP topped off with an explosive creampie finale. Enjoy!

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Deep Cream Pie Fan

Great scene, she's very very hot.




Get her back on AllInternal in a MMMF scene and reenact a performance like Cherry Jul did on the AllInternal scene where she got double penetrated, and pumped full of sperm before she pushed it all out onto the cock she was riding. Yuliana would be perfect for such a scene, great butt, great thickness to her body. Needs a DP and a double penetration creampie finish!


in 15 years of avid porn watching this is the first time i have ever posted a comment. This scene is my number 1 DP scene EVER and that includes 8 years of DP watching. The fact that shes clearly enjoying the dp, the perfect positions, perfect camera angles,perfect zoom outs/ins, perfect intro/warm up/you did everything right to make her extra horny. I don't know what to say. I would maybe have some minor suggestion (keep thong on the whole time and have it pulled to the side next to pussy, also the dp position where one guy piledrives the ass doggy and the other guy fucks pussy doggy, also some hot stockings and lingerie) to put this scene 15/10. You have stepped up your game and the girls are younger and hotter! I would say please make Yulianna do a mmmf but i dont think it would be quite as good a scene since what made this scene hot is that we could see her hot facial expressions.


All right, where to begin? As any porn connoisseur will tell you, it's not often that you get your hands on a scene like this so do yourself a favour, stop reading this and download this ASAP, because this is a perfect scene in every imaginable way. Yuliana has appeared in 3 hot scenes so far, and each one has been better than the last. She's the type of girl who will turn any scene into an instant classic. At several points throughout the scene you might feel compelled to pause the video and just admire Yuliana's beautiful figure. Her skin looks so soft and her buttocks so plushy that you'll wish she would be your bedpillow every night. What makes Yuliana rise to the cream of the crop is the effortlessness with which she slides objects in and out of her tight pink asshole and her shaved pussy. Her big natural breasts and her innocent face are huge boner-inducers, especially given two hard cocks to play with. And to top it all off, the double anal creampie featured at the end of the scene is perhaps the best of it's kind that you've ever seen.


Since I first saw Yuliana I knew she was going to do excellent scenes and her last scene with Kyra Hot confirmed that I was right. From now on, each time that I see a new scene from Yuliana, I must have in mind that a great scene is waiting for me; she has an amazing body. This time, first we can see her performing a magnificent solo with a couple of dildos, making herself a double penetration. But she was only warming up because later, two male performers will start fucking Yuliana at the same time. You can see Yuliana having a very good time. At the end both male performers came inside her asshole, thing that Yuliana really loved to feel. [-Ramon]


This is a really perfect porn scene!

Because I just really love DP - And Yuliana obviously too!!!
DP is by far my favorite porn action and this is a perfect DP scene with a wonderful model!

In total we have over 14 minutes of DP action in this scene and it is always a balls deep simultaneously fucking of BOTH dicks. But the best thing is that Yuliana is obviously loving the DP. I mean her whole performaces is fantastic and she is into EVERY second of this scene but during the DP action she is especially enthusiastic - especially in the RCG DP (44:00 min.) and the standing-DP (52:00 min.) she is absolutly loving it and seems to be really in heaven and to have real orgasms!

The scene ends with a nice double creampie. After 2 minutes of really hard and balls depp assfucking the first guy cums inside her ass (1:01:00) and the other guy directly continues to fuck her ass and also cums into her butt.

Furthermore it's notable how few cuts are in this scene. The first cut is after Yuliana's short introducing (1:00) and doesn't really count. But the next cut is till 37:30m minute and this take includes over 17:30 minutes of good fucking inclusive of balls deep anal and DP! And the next take is again over 10 minutes long! So if it wasn't obvious enough so few cuts and such long takes proof again that all performers did a really great performance and just loved what they were doing!

This is 10/10 scene!


Perfect this is how all scenes are supposed to be, ass scene perfect, deeptroath perfect.Please make all girls with these perfect scenes,
Thank you, xxx


Yuliana is one of the hottest newcomers 2014. I especially like her university girls look. Nice face and perfect body. In this scene she acts with two guys. And it doesn´t take long before the first guys rams his dick up her lovely ass. She is a natural born gaper. Kudos to the camera and the directing team. After more than 20 minutes of Double Penatration (of course in various positions) Yuliana receives two nice loads of cum straight into her ass. Cute girl, great scene. Girl 9/10, scene 10/10. (Mr_White - Eurobabeindex)


A really great scene with her! The first scene was already super but this one is TOP! Big butt and boobs and pretty face and an little nasty look is good! Nice load but woud be more nice when it would be more white but ok nice cumfarting :-) next time put her cream into her asshole!


My new favorite scene!! loved the butt tease in tight pants in the first part of video and the awesome hot anal creampie fart at the end..wish every vid had that! awesome scene guys!!!