Added June 8, 2023

Ally loves anal and she loves to feel a guy shoot his load inside of her so what's better than giving her exactly what she likes: a deep anal creampie! Enjoy!

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Ally Breelsen


Art & Addons tattoo Breasts small Butt apple Ethnicity caucasian Eyes grey Face Type glamorous Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia small Skin tone light

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you should update her name to "Ally Breelsen" as her other scenes are under that name.

Gabe - Perfectgonzo

As always - we can'T always make everyone happy, can't we? :) We would like to offer something to everyone! I'm sure everyone will find a scene for him/her - and this is just OK I believe. If you don'T like multiple guys, then you'Ll have the next or the before scene, where there will be one and so on :))


Hey PG, I totally agree with tanerb123-scenes with one guy are almost always hotter. One more guy is often less of the girl we get to see. And what guy wants to see so much cocksucking in general, and multiple scenes have lots of that. On the other hand, I disagree with woodside5605, I enjoy the stripteasy, body worshiping openings. If that moves too slow for some, the action is just a click away.


Ally is an amazing model that also is building a good collection of scenes here on Perfect Gonzo, she has made really marvelous videos like her solo on Give Me Pink. She is really gorgeous with a natural body that knows how to enchant you with sexy moves. I really enjoyed her solo moment on this scene but the lack of oil or lube made that something that could be much more. Ally has truly supreme oral skills that she is proud to show to all of us. Her moans are something sweet to hear and her sex performance is active and attractive to watch. Without question she needs to make more scenes but please, give her lube or oil for more spicy and striking acts. 9/10 [-Ramon VM]


Orangey Ally Breelsen looks good enough to squeeze. This is her third time and her first creampie at PG. The dress she sports during the opening segment looks fantastic on her; heels and a thong complete the outfit. After showing off her body, which includes a few hard smacks to the ass, she lays back and works her cunt with a big blue baton. Her asshole gets the same toy before the real thing shows up.

The initial oral is done in POV fashion, then transitions to a more traditional angle. Ally's full lips look great wrapped around a cock. "I love your cock", she says. This goes on for just over 3 minutes. Still fully dressed, and with her panty pulled to one side, our girl gets a bit of vaginal to warm up; the anal follows as the pair go through several positions. Cowgirl is always a favorite of mine, but the CG here is a tad soft. The all-fours butt pumping (29:40 - 32) is much better, as is the semi-standing ass stuffing (34:45 - 36:20). Ms. Breelsen takes her rump filling from behind and is able to push some of it out.

For those looking for harder sex, Ally's previous 2-on-1 Ass Traffic will make for better viewing. This one's on the soft side, but it's an overall solid update.

- Ivan -


loved the scene. please keep one guy - one or two girls ratio


Basically, you take too long to get to the action. Moves too slow.