Mary Rock

Added December 29, 2023

Another short visit by a girl with her boyfriend - this time Mary Rock opted for a nice anal session. Many dufferent positions all over, and at the end a great messy facial.

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Mary Rock


Art & Addons tattoo Breasts small Butt bubble butt Clothes fishnet high heels skirt Cumshot facial swallowing - single Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type average Fetish ass to mouth flexible Furniture lounger Hair long - straight Hair color brown Location living room Male - Cum average Male - Dick size average Position cowgirl doggystyle regular missionary reverse cowgirl spoon Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia medium Sex anal balls-deep-anal blowjob - single deep throat Skin tone medium Toys dildo - anal

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You place the women on a diagonal plane while filming them making it difficult to enjoy; you people are pure fucking assholes


Please bring her back for more anal


Why do you avoid standing direct center either in front of or directly behind the actress? With a full view of her, not just half of her? Why?


Russian cutie Mary Rock is a flexible little thing who makes her PG debut with a lengthy episode of Ass Traffic. The opening segment has her teasing us in a pink mesh leotard and denim skirt. She does well showing off her body and how flexy she is, performing the splits at one point. Once nude, she gets comfy on the floor and fingers her ass; she eventually finds her way onto a chaise lounge and does the same with a small vibrator. The male performer here is apparently her boyfriend, which may not appeal to some, but at least it ensures a scene in which both models are into the action. He comes into frame 16 minutes in and wastes no time in working his girl?'s mouth with his cock. Vaginal is first on the menu with Mary on all fours – a bit of hair pulling here, which was unfortunately too brief. A spirited bout of anal follows in the same position. A few more poses for this young couple, the best of which is Mary doing the splits while getting her ass filled (35:40 - 37:00) and (38:50 - 41:15). The closing pop is very modest and is not directed squarely into Mary's mouth, but our girl swallows what she can. I love what I saw from this babe and hope she returns to PG, with or without her boyfriend. A very solid update! —


Another new beautiful Russian girl appears in our screens, Mary Rock. She has long legs and an attractive butt. Her ass looks very muscular and well defined, even she can do flexing with her cheeks. Not forgetting about how she can split her legs, making me think that she can do several and unusual sex positions. Mary also has small tits and a shiny smile she likes to show to the camera. Regarding her performance, she is incredible. With her moves she likes to go slow and have a good rhythm, always showing that smile I mentioned before. My favorite part to watch was when she did cowgirl doing a perfect side split with her legs. [-Ramon VM]


Wish you guys use more pov shots, specially on doggy style. Do you think to come back update Pure POV some day?


The opening act was just stunning, showcasing her incredible flexibility and sensuality. She reminds me of that russian girl I fucked during my university days that trained as a ballerina -- used to tease me with those kinds of moves until I moved on to her soaking wet pussy and insatiable sexual appetite. Yes, those were the days and amazing how a hot scene like this can bring back the memories. Anyways, about this scene -- nice action throughout, good positions, overall highly enjoyable to watch. It seems like Mary is quite the newbie but has big potential in the porn world, if this is what she chooses to continue to do. This sexy hot lolita kept my eyes glued to the screen and my cock stiff as a light pole. Not much fast forwarding going on here. The guy had a pretty weak load at the end but that shouldn't detract too much from a great, great scene which displayed good chemistry between the two. Best scene so far from PG in 2018 in my opinion.