Belle Francys interview

Added April 1, 2017

Crazy interview with our beloved Francys Belle :) Made after her gangbang appearance, around december, 2016.

Featured model(s):

Belle Francys


Art & Addons piercing Body Type athletic Breasts fake medium Butt average Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type average next-door Pubic Hair shaved Skin tone medium



Belle Francys tells us about herself with her distinguishing playful manner. According to the scene description, this was made after her gang bang but I think this doesn’t matter at all to be five months ago because she is always the same. She starts telling pretty much about everything and mixing topics regarding her private and daily life and her experience making porn scenes. Watching her just talking I realize that she really does look like a standard girl, who would know she is a sexual insatiable woman that makes hardcore porn? So after watching so many scenes from her is good to know more about Belle. From now on every time that I hear a woman say that “men only think about sex” I will remember Belle to know that’s a half-truth!... because also women ;) And the part of the ham, unique thing so far during interviews xD [-Ramon VM]